New Good Luck Happy Birthday Song by Elly Mc Dream

New Good Luck - Happy Birthday Song by Elly Mc Dream

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New Birthday Song with lovely birthday wishes (Pop version) from


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New Happy Birthday Song with lovely birthday wishes (County Version)

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The Lyrics

Another year is over now - Time passes day by day

Wonderful four seasons - Gone like blown away

Do you feel happy wiser better - I hope - all together

Whatever may be true- hear my wishes - just for you



Good luck - happy birthday - The best from me to you

Real good friends for ever - May all your dreams come true

I wish you love and presents - that money cannot buy

A happy smile on your face - a sparkle - in your eyes

May god bless you - every day


I wish you peace and harmony - and confidence enough

Feel that you are sheltered - Feel - that you are loved

Stay strong and try to reach for- All luck that you can take

Always the biggest pieces - of the birthday cake. 




Have a dream that you can follow - Every day and night

Keep your life worth living - and - feel satis fied

Take the time to plan your future - just smile and look ahead

(And) Fulfill (yourself) all wishes - that you've ever had. 


Chorus: 2x and ending slowly on (May god bless you - every day)


© 08.04.2017 Jürgen Thiele 

Voice: Elly Mc Dream 

Original Lyrics: Jürgen Thiele (Soundmixschmiede-Berlin)

Special Englisch Lyrics: Ingo Clemenz, in co-working with Jürgen Thiele

Music: Jürgen Thiele (Soundmixschmiede-Berlin)

Recording, Production, Jürgen Thiele (Soundmixschmiede-Berlin) in co working with Douglas

Video: Jürgen Thiele (Soundmixschmiede-Berlin)